Devil's Bridge

Devils Bridge / 1194' / Sedona, AZ

This hike was a bitch, I won't lie. The trails were not marked well and we (of course) took the long route, unbeknownst to us! However the pay off at the end was worth it. This is a really cool natural wonder to behold. This was a pretty crowded hike, as it is arguably the most popular in Sedona. That being said I am surprised it isn't marked better because many people had no clue where there were going. Luckily we found a local mountain biker who pointed us in the right direction. 

Like I said, this hike has two starting points, which we were blithely unaware of. One, starts where most people park their cars at the top of a service road. The other, longer trail starts off Dry Creek Road/Chuck Wagon Trail. This trail dumped us about 3/4 of the way up the service road, which isnt fun to hike back up at the end of the trek. I don't mind hills, but this was mundane.

Like I said though, the views at the end were so worth it and knowing that I would definitely do this hike again to see them. 

Total Distance: 4.5 miles

Dry Creek Road

To the left of this rock was the trail, which required a bit of scrambling but was fun and doable.