Hidden Canyon Trail

Hidden Canyon Trail / 1128' / Zion National Park, Utah

This was a really amazing hike. We only had one day at Zion and knew we wanted to make the most of it. While originally we wanted to attempt Angels Landing, it was a wet, rainy day and having never done it before, we decided not to test it. 

This was our first of three hikes that day and the toughest. It starts out with switchbacks going up for a little while... and then things get fun! If you are afraid of heights this hike probably won't be for you. There is a good portion of the trail that wraps around two mountains, giving you a two foot wide path and a chain link to hold on to, with a few hundred foot drop on the other side. I found this exhilarating and it helped quench my need for adrenaline after deciding not to do Angels Landing. 

Im not too sure where this hike ends, as we stopped about a mile into the canyon because we wanted to do other hikes that day. Overall this hike had amazing views and was adventurous and fun!

Total Distance: 3.2 miles

Weeping rock across the trail