Caminito Del Rey

Caminito Del Rey / 997' / Ardales, Spain

When my husband and I planned our three week trip to Europe, we knew we had to do at least one hike. My best friend, who lived there at the time found this one and we knew we had to do it. Previously dubbed "The Most Dangerous Hike In The World", Caminito Del Rey had recently gotten a face lift, and was now easily accessible via a new walking path built into the side of the mountain, right over the old path. Prior to the renovation, this trek required rappelling, rock climbing, all while being over 300 feet above the gorge below. Hikes here had to be reserved months in advance and came with an English speaking guide. While I am not sure I would call this a "hike" anymore, it was worth the time to learn the history and see the sights. We also got to see some serious rock climbing from professionals on the other side of the canyon which was amazing. 

Total Distance: 5.7 miles