South Fortuna - North Fortuna Loop

South Fortuna / 994' / North Fortuna / 1194' / San Diego, CA

My sister/hiking buddy and I decided to conquer both these in one day, since they were the last two. It was quite the undertaking, both of us being a bit out of shape, but we had a big sense of accomplishment afterwards. This took us 3 hours and 45 minutes (hey we took some breaks!), and was just over 7 miles round trip by our records. As mentioned, we took a few maybe 5 minute breaks to eat, stretch, look at the view, etc. We even got a cool treat of watching a citywide wildfire drill, with a helicopter flying overhead and about 8-10 engines at our starting point. This was one of my favorite San Diego hikes I have done and will for sure be doing it again. 

Total Distance: 7.10 miles